50% OFF Fresh Produce for Food For All Owners!

The Durham Co-op is partnering with RAFI, and thanks to their generostiy, we are able to make nutritious, delicious food accessible for more people!  

The Rural Advancement Fund International-USA (RAFI) is a non-profit that cultivates markets, policies, and communities that support thriving, socially just, and environmentally sound family farms. For the next two months, RAFI’s Fresh Bucks program will be turned into an amazing 50% off discount on fresh produce for Food For All Owners at the Durham Co-op Market.

RAFI-USA matches “dollar-for-dollar” every dollar spent by SNAP/EBT recipients who shop at their 12 participating NC farmer’s markets. Thanks to RAFI-USA, the Co-op will be utilizing the funds from this program that would go unused while the farmer’s markets are dormant. We’re excited to be able to provide a greater discount on fresh produce for our FFA owners!

As a co-op, and community partner, we want to always hold true to our mission and the ends that guide our trajectory. By providing systems like our Food For All (FFA) ownership, $3 Dinners, or creative partnerships with community partners, we can continue to improve affordability and access on products in our store.

We are excited to be able to partner with RAFI, for the next two months, to pilot this 50% off discount on all fresh produce in our store for FFA owners. This discount is a significant opportunity and we hope that by piloting this program we can continue to create other opportunities like this in the future.

Please visit https://rafiusa.org to learn more about the work of that RAFI does or about the realities of our farming community. Also, please visit the Durham Co-op Market to learn more about ownership and the ways we are trying to make more of everyone welcome in our store.

If you qualify for SNAP, EBT, or other government assistance benefits, you can learn more about Food For All ownership HERE.

*This grant is limited to November and December 2019, and only for FFA owners.