The easiest way to become an owner of the Durham Co-op Market is purchase an owner share at the register next time you shop. You will purchase your share at check out, and within a few days you will receive a Welcome Letter via email.

Owners are the heart and soul of Durham Co-op Market. When you become an owner of Durham Co-op Market you become part of a cooperative organization which puts its values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity into practice.

As a cooperatively owned business, our focus will be on supporting our community, not just enriching our shareholders. We will seek to return as much revenue as possible to the community by purchasing from local farmers, supporting locally made products, and creating jobs in the community. By purchasing an ownership share, you will be supporting these values and helping to strengthen our ability to serve them.

When you sign up, you are purchasing a share of stock in the company. The term “owner” is not just rhetoric, it is the reality of our corporate structure. You own the store. This gives you governance rights: the right to vote in elections for the Board of Directors and the right to run for a seat on the Board yourself. Though the store will be run by a professional staff, led by General Manager Leila Wolfrum, it is overseen by the Board, which determines the goals and values of the co-op.

In addition, you will receive periodic special discounts in the store, invitations to special events, and the pride of knowing that you supported a future-Durham-Institution from the beginning.

Durham Co-op Market offers two options for ownership. An individual ownership is available for a one-time payment of $100, with the option of adding an additional shopper to the ownership for a non-refundable fee of $40. There is also an option to become a “Food For All” owner for a discounted up-front rate of $15. To be eligible for Food For All membership, you must qualify for SNAP benefits and apply by checking “Food For All” on your ownership application form. Not only do “Food For All” owners receive all benefits of being an owner, they also receive an additional 20% discount on all purchases (excluding alcohol).