10 out of 10 Local Chefs and Nutritionist Agree on Durham Bowl’s!

Date: Saturday, October 13th, 2018


The Durham Bowls competition at The Scrap Exchange in Durham, North Carolina Saturday, October 13, 2018. (Justin Cook)

On October 13, we were proud to join in as the Scrap Exchange hosted “Durham Bowls!” an event that paired ten local chefs with ten Durham school nutritionist and assigned the task of combining the exciting “foodie” culture of our city with the dietary needs of Durham’s school children.

As official supporters of the event we were happy to be included in the spirit of competition and community that brought together various groups such as North Carolina PTA; Farmer Foodshare; DINE, Durham’s Innovative Nutrition Program; The Durham County Department of Public Health; The Scrap Exchange; Miel Design Studio; Blue Cross and Blue Shield and many other local businesses and organizations.

It was a lively occasion that showed off the creative recipes that utilize quality ingredients to provide children with healthy, delicious, and inventive meals. The spirit of competition that the event was organized around created a buzz amongst the attendees as people tasted samples of the “bowls” that featured cuisine from vegan pasta dishes to Thai salads, and Cuban pork and rice.

Our time there was spent informing our neighbors how many of the ingredients featured in the bowls could befound on the shelves of the Durham Co-op Market. As well, later this winter, we will be featuring three of our favorite recipes from the “Durham Bowls” project on our $5 Lunch Special Menu!

The winning dishes were selected by a discerning panel of DPS students from Kindergarten through 11th grade. There were multiple awards received for attributes like “Best use of local Veggies” given to Team Black comprised of Jim Katen, Executive Director of Child Nutrition Services of DPS and Andrea Reusing of The Durham; “Most likely to sell out in School” was awarded to Team Dark Blue featuring Glenda Collins, Club Boulevard Elementary School and Ricky Moore of the Salt Box Seafood Joint; and “Best Representation of Unique Food Culture in Durham” was snagged by the duo of Team Purple which included Tara Lee, Eastway Elementary School and Curtis Wong, Bull City Hospitality (Durham Athletic Parks).

An award voted on by the 400 Durham neighbors in attendance, the “People’s Choice Award”, went to a delicious “Vegan Goodies” bowl featuring mac-n-cheese, collards and chicpea nuggets made by Team Turquoise which was the talented twosome of Keshia Jones, Eno Valley Elementary & Mangum Elementary and Stephanie Terry of Sweeties

The Durham Bowls competition at The Scrap Exchange in Durham, North Carolina Saturday, October 13, 2018. (Justin Cook)

Southern Vegan Catering.

The commitment to using our cities love and talent at creating authentic, imaginative and new cuisine for our youth was impressively expressed by all the talented cooks and nutritionist competing. We at the Durham Co-op Market were thrilled to share our passion for nutritious food and quality ingredients with our neighbors and want to formally thank Durham Bowls, the Scrape exchange and all the supporters in partnership with the event that brought our community together in honor of our investment in our school children’s food, nutrition, and health.