– DCM Annual Meeting –

Date: Sunday, October 4

At 5pm on Oct. 4th we closed our store early for our Annual Owner’s Meeting, our yearly opportunity to present the state of the co-op’s finances and to learn more about the inner workings and successes of our market.

To kick off the evening, we hosted 10 vendors from North Carolina that included local favorites such as downtown ice cream shop, the Parlour, Resistor Brews Kombucha, Red Hawk Farms, Prodigal Farms, Cilantro Artisan Foods, and Harlem Brewing CO., which has just opened a second brewing location in Rocky Mount NC and is run by Winston-Salem-native Celeste Beatty. Also present at our meeting were co-op favorites like La Riojana wine, Alaffia body care, and our own plant-based menu protégé and the mind behind the planning of our Meatless Mondays DCM cook Hector Suazo. Owners were able to enjoy themselves by sampling our vendors’ products and learning more about the quality foods and selections we have available for our community every day.



Notable information from our meeting was that our ownership had seen a 14.4% increase this year for a total of 558 new owners, which was complimented by a total of 353 FFA owners. As of June 30th we have a total 4425 owners.

We also announced that our customers helped us collect $33,207 of round-up dollars to support our Food For All discount (20% off for customers who qualify for SNAP benefits), the largest discount offered at any food co-op in the country.

Our store revenue growth continues to be strong, and that strength has allowed us to sustain our commitments to providing nourishing and affordable food through programs like Co-Op Basics. It also supports our many donations of food, space, and support to many of the charitable organizations that do so much great work in the community we share.

At the annual meeting, we distributed the 2018 Annual Report, which is available here.

We want to thank all the owners who came to the meeting. The commitment of our owners is the key to our success and ability to make the co-op more welcoming for everyone.