“Homes & Dreams Built Not of Sticks, Straw, or Bricks, but Community.”

Date: Monday, October 22nd, 2018


On October 22nd, 2018 we attended the Community Empowerment Fund’s “Piggy Bank Bash”, hosted by local restaurant Grub.Community Empowerment Fund (CEF)is a student-powered non-profit organization focused on enabling and sustaining transitions out of homelessness and poverty in Orange and Durham Counties.

One of CEF’s programs works with clients to build savings accounts to achieve long-term life goals. This year’s Piggy Bank Bash celebrated the momentous occasion of a squeal worthy $1,000,000 saved cumulatively by the dedication and hard work of CEF members.

This community event was truly a neighborhood celebration, as our market, Grub, and the CEF Durham offices are all on the same block of West Chapel Hill Street. In fact, our café is a one of CEF’s favorite meeting spaces for their advocates; and the excitement of the Piggy Bank Bash speeches was literally amplified by our PA system, on a neighborly last-minute loan.

Not only were our Chapel Hill St. neighbors in attendance for the jubilee, but representatives from Partner’s for Families Moving Forward, Self-Help, Inter-Faith Council Social Services, Mayor Steve Schewel, and Vimala’s Curry Blossom Café filled out the guest list as well. All in attendance were educated abouthow the $1,000,000 had been saved to make it possible for CEF members to pay for basics needs like transportation and homes, as well as savings for their children’s education and personal trips to visit family members.

All of the merriment was reflected in the musical styling’s of the CEF Advocacy Choir whose revised covers of pop songs educated and entertained all in attendance about the good works of CEF.

Congratulations to CEF and their member’s efforts, the time put in, the education provided, and the money saved is a testament to our Durham, and greater triangle, community empowering each other to provide for the betterment of our shared future. We are proud to have you as our neighbors!

To support our CEF neighbors and/or learn more about the organization click  here.  For more information on the “Piggy Bank Bask” click here.