Plant-Based Adventures — your weekly destination for affordable, authentic, distinct, healthy, tasty, great vegan food.

The Durham Co-op serves many delicious vegan options every day, but at the start of each week we clear away the competition, and let our staff’s favorite vegan dishes take center stage. Every Monday from 4-8pm, our staff channels their personal passions and diverse cultural backgrounds into the delicious vegan food options found on our cafe hot bar.

Plant-Based Adventures have been an ongoing staple of the Co-op’s weekly menu, and have provided a local place to meet for those who do not desire meat. Recently, we have stepped it up by adding more innovative personal touches by including the multiplicity of cultural backgrounds amongst our Kitchen and Deli Department. Plant-Based Adventures is one of the many ways our staff’s passions and experiences shine through to provide our community with tasty authentic food.

Leading the Plant-Based Adventure charge is Hector Suazo, who is weaving together personal favorites of his own and influences from his community. All while featuring fresh, local ingredients, and a flair for innovation. Hector believes that plant-based food can just be great food.

“I like making people smile by making good food that happens to also be vegan.” Suazo’s recent recipes have featured tamales, maduros, and Mexican red rice, alongside beets, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, winter squash and cauliflower. Suazo, also loves to showcase the Co-op’s house made vegan specialties, including vegan sausages and vegan pimento cheese.

We believe vegan cooking is not just about excluding certain ingredients for your health or lifestyle, but about exploring new options with fabulous food. Some people seek out a plant-based diet every day, others want to limit the amount of meat they are consuming to reduce their impact on the planet. All people just want to eat a delicious, healthy, and affordable meal. Whether it is a quick tasty meal, an authentic affordable menu, or a place to meet and try something new Plant-Based Adventures is welcoming everyone.

Our weekly meal options help us pursue one of our core goals, to make high quality and nourishing food accessible and affordable. The Durham Co-op Market is a community space to not only buy, but eat great food, explore vegan cooking, and get to know our staff and all the ways they reflect the extraordinary community of Durham. Which can be experienced best by tasting the various meal options at the weekly events, like Plant-Based Adventures , that apply the cultural diversity in our many department’s to our cafe menu. We offer the opportunity for everyone that makes up our community to sample the quality, plant-based ingredients and foods we have to offer at the Durham Co-op Market.