Frequently Asked Questions

What is Durham Co-op Market?
Durham Co-op Market is a new community co-operative grocery store whose purpose is to sell food and other products with a special emphasis on locally grown and produced goods.
Where are you located?
Durham Co-op Market will open at 1111 W. Chapel Hill St in Durham, NC in January 2015.
Will anyone be able to shop at this co-op?
Yes. The store will be open to everyone. Ownership shares are available for purchase and carry the benefit of shaping the market through voting. To learn more about ownership click here
What can I do to help?
The biggest way you can help right now is by buying a share in Durham Co-op Market. After that, the next best thing you can do is to tell all of your friends about us, encourage them to keep up with where we're going (updates available through our website, our Facebook page and by following our Twitter feed), and, of course, to buy a share themselves.
That said, there's also plenty of volunteer work to be done, including helping us coordinate our ownership drives, staffing events, and getting the word out. If you're interested, contact our volunteer coordinator, and let us know what skills you have and how you'd like to help.
When is the market opening?
Right now we are on track for mid-January 2015 (So soon!). You know how it goes with construction projects, so forgive us if that changes by a few weeks. 
When will you be hiring staff?
Given our construction schedule, it looks like we will start hiring staff around November. If you or someone you know is interested in working for the market, please email info@durham.coop. We are happy to talk about the range of positions that will be available, and we are currently keeping resumes on file until we are ready to get down to business.
How many people will you hire? What skills are you looking for?
We will be hiring 20-30 people, and we need a wide range of skills and experience, from marketing to financial administration, cooking, stocking, and cashiering. Please don't hesitate to contact us. 
Will you sell my favorite product?
We have a lot of the product selection ahead of us. If there is something specific you love, let us know about it.