How to Make the Best Burger Ever

Is your burger in need of a pick-me-up? Some folks may be satisfied with slapping a patty on the grill and saying that’s that with a bun and some ketchup.  But not you, you’re in it for the big game.  You want people to bite into your burger and say “WOW! That’s the best burger ever!”  You have lofty goals when it comes to burgers.  And we’re here to help you “meat” them.  .

Use good meat: And make sure it’s not too lean. We understand that many folks are watching their fat intake, but to make the best burger ever, sacrifices must be made. The extra fat content helps hold in moisture, which in turn helps hold things together. Leaner meat means hockey-puck like burgers. We suggest Firsthand Foods Ground Beef, it’s locally raised and processed and has just the right amount of fat. If you really want to stay leaner, make a smaller patty.  Just don’t sacrifice the flavor.

Add the right stuff:  All you really need for seasoning is kosher salt and ground black pepper.  Make sure you season the meat before and after you form patties. If you want to go fancier, you can add Worcestershire sauce, onions, or mustard.  Some even swear by adding some mayo or heavy cream to make sure the meat stays extra juicy.

Stay in Shape: You can be like the pros by using a form to make your patties.  It’s as simple as using the jar lid of your choice to make the right shape every time, large peanut butter lids work perfectly.  Just form the meat into the lid and, like magic, you’ve got the perfect patty.  Be careful when handling the meat. Take care of it by being gentle and it will take care of you by being delicious.

Indent the Top: Have you ever set out to make a great burger and end up with something that resembles the shape of a baseball and tastes like it too? Use your thumb to make an indent in the top.  It will look a little silly (like a reverse flying saucer), but it will also allow the juice to pool and stay in the meat while resulting a perfectly shaped burger even when the meat puffs out when it’s cooked.  

Use the right amount of heat. Burgers cook best on a grill that’s about 450 degrees. If you don’t have a thermometer, check the temp by holding your hand about one inch above the grill grate for one second. Once you can do it for only that short time, the grill is ready.

Flip only once. Wait until a crust has formed on the patty before you flip it over. It usually takes about three minutes.

Add on the perfect toppings. Go for a theme (like Greek or Mexican) or just do what you love (Did someone say bacon?). Toppings add another dimension to otherwise humble burgers. Try avocado, chili peppers, feta, fresh herbs such as dill, the options are endless!


The Perfect Burger – Juicy and flavorful are the only way to describe the perfect burger.

Smoky Grilled Burgers – These fabulous burgers have the added smokiness of crispy smoked bacon in the mix—so they are doubly delicious.

Southern Barbecue Burgers – A fine addition to any burger repertoire-a tasty combination of beef, Andouille sausage, black beans and barbecue sauce!

Gourmet Greek Burger – Topped with a basil, mint mayonnaise, this is flavorful recipe is a great way to change up your burger.

Mushroom Swiss Burger – Elevate your cheeseburger with an infusion of minced mushrooms and a hint of Worcestershire sauce.


Rice Bean Burgers – Leftover beans and rice are the basis for Hilah Johnson’s easy veggie burgers.

Jamaican Bean Burgers – A fabulous bean burger infused with Jamaica’s much loved warming spices and, of course, a bit of heat.

Garnet Yam Burgers – Sweet potatoes, chickpeas, millet and spices team up for a fabulous burger.

Smoky Portobello Burger – The portobello is perfect for smoking on the grill. Its porousness allows it to absorb and intensify the smoky flavors.

Chickpea Burgers – Marinated tofu, smoked slowly on the grill makes a wonderful “burger” and is tasty in soups and salads, too.