Local Peaches: A Delicious Treat & An Opportunity to Help A Farmer

There are North Carolina grown peaches on the shelf right now!  They’re $2.49 /lb and they’re real good. How long they’ll be available is another question all together.

A mid-March freeze (remember that cold weather?) has knocked out a pretty large portion of the local peach crop.  But that doesn’t mean our NC farmers aren’t harvesting.  We’ll have local peaches… just not as many as we are used to.  What does that mean for you?

First off, you’ll still have peaches to eat! Nobody around here is going to go without their favorite sweet, juicy, summer treats.  The Carolina growers are still going to supply us with peaches.  There may be gaps in supply, but they’re eager to get as many of their peaches to market as possible.  In those supply gaps, we are lucky that the Mid-Atlantic growers to our north didn’t experience the frost like we did.  So, while Carolina peaches are out, Virginia peaches will do just fine

It’s a lean year for sure.  But it’s not a catastrophic one.  And you can help make it better for local farmers. As shoppers, we can’t go back in time and change the weather.  But we can buy as many of the local peaches as we are able when they are available.

Farms need to maximize sales when they have them in order to minimize the negative affect of the poor season. And, with the short supply, their distribution won’t range as far as a normal year. So they are more dependent on regional buyers like us. So, if you want to help a local farmer get through a tough season, buy North Carolina peaches.  They’re delicious and we’ll order as many as we can for you.

If you’re wondering what to do with all those peaches, here are some ideas:

Freeze Them:  You could have delicious peach pie in December if you do it right.  Here’s how.

Grill Them: Grilled fruit may seem like a strange idea at first.  But once you try it, you’ll love it.  Here’s how.

Cook with Them: Peaches aren’t just for dessert anymore!  But they still are too.  Check out some recipes.