Elodie Farms Update

Some of you may have heard that last week the donkey at Elodie Farms tested positive for rabies. We’re working closely with the Durham Public Health Department to determine if there is any reason for concern for the people who attended our Family Farm Day on March 27.

There is no risk to anyone unless they had direct contact with the donkey, and Dave Artigues, the farmer, has told us that the donkey was pastured away from where any attendees interacted with the farm animals. None of the goats have tested positive.

If you have any concerns, please contact Kacy Johnson at kacy@durhamcentralmarket.org

Our sympathy goes out to the Artigues family. The donkey, Eddie, was a beloved pet. As farmers the Artigueses have to deal with the concerns and issues of all of their customers, as well as the welfare of their family members and animals. Dave acted quickly and responsibly to ensure the safety of his customers, family members and animals as well as our attendees. We are thankful for his care.

It was an extraordinarily rare occurrence, and could have happened to anyone with animals. We love Elodie Farms and their products and we look forward to seeing them at the Farmers’ Market!

-Durham Central Market Board