3rd Friday (9/17/10) - Paintings by Artie Barksdale

Come visit the office of Durham Central Market, at 538 Foster St, from 6-9 pm,and enjoy snacks and drinks while viewing a Painting series by local artist – Artie Barksdale!

Artie Barksdale 32, was born in Newark NJ, were he first discovered his love for the visual arts. It was during the mid 80's when neon colors were popular to wear; when people weren't afraid to clash there clothing and graffiti covered the subways and streets, flooding the neighborhood with culture. At the age 10

he attended Arts High school on Saturdays to be educated and inspired. Artist Sharon Barksdale Worth is the mother of Artie Barksdale, and she is his greatest inspiration. At the age of 12, Artie moved to the small town of Mebane NC which is located between Greensboro and Chapel Hill NC. "Once I moved from the inner city into the country, I was forced to use my imagination; I had to be my own inspiration for creative thoughts." Through the high school years Barksdale continued to paint in all mediums oils, acrylics, pastels, pencils, charcoal, and inks. During his senior year at Orange High School, Artie's art teacher Mrs. Dell Jones exposed him to the airbrush which is the primary art tool he uses to execute most of his artwork today. Artie later attended The North Carolina School of The Arts studying Art History, History Décor and Scenic painting. A year after college he began painting large scaled murals, airbrushed portraits and the original series of paintings called "RED MASS" The elevated. Artie resides in Morrisville NC and his artwork can be seen in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill areas.