July 27, 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

DCM Board Meeting
Tuesday, July 27, 2010
538 Foster Street
----Elizabeth Shestak interviewed the board for a August 4, 2010 Durham News article.
Present: Beth, Danny, Don, Michael, Pam, Robin
Number of Owners: 674
1. Don’s Report
2. Owner Drive (Robin)
Initiatives Underway (M&M)
Ads in print media - Independent, Durham Magazine, Durham CAN
Appeal to current owners - Email sent 7/13/10
Appeal to Interested Parties -
Brochure holder outside office -
Bumper stickers -
DCM Newsletter - issues going out nearly 1x month
Flyers around town -
Postcard to downtown business owners -
Farmers Market Membership promotions -  
Neighborhood Newsletters
Partnerships -
Sign at site
Tent improvements -
Twitter -
Video -
Water bottles - new promo
Website - TBA location photo
3. Plans for Upcoming Events
4. Status of Video
5.  Saturday Farmers Market changes
6.  Grant application/s (Don) 

7. Outreach plan (Michael)
8. Board Expansion
9. Capital Campaign
Adjourned 9:00pm                                                 Minutes submitted by Robin Arcus, board secretary