September 27, 2008

DCM Membership Meeting
Saturday, September 27, 2008

Present: Aubrey, Pam, Robin

1. Memberships to date: 135 with 8 in process (143). Goal is 300 by October 31, 2008

2. Farmers Market.
We have been approved for 9/27 (today) and next week 10/4. How long does FM run? Oct. 31.
Pam reports that we have enough volunteers to staff the table.

3. T-shirts / promos.
Other promo items from Ad Spice: vegetable peeler; shopping bags, leftover kits, sweet potato.

4. Founders’ Celebration and Community Potluck.
Sunday, October 26th 5-7pm. Trotter Building, 410 W. Geer Street (Bob Chapman’s place).
Pep rally with information (rather than a presentation.)
Ideas: Visuals - map of area, funding goals (with sweet potato vine), timeline with vine;
Gretchen on Rentals. Best Rent-All. $75 delivery and pick up. 8' table $8 each; chairs: $1
Chairs on the perimeter.
Power Point: Gretchen will set up photos (needs: digital photos, songs,
Musicians: send mp3 to (
Table to sell memberships on site.
Decision: No sales of alcohol.

Power Point: Gretchen
Photos: Pam
Music: Pam and Gretchen
Slides: Aubrey for slides
Funding Vine: Aubrey and Pam
Map: Aubrey
Chairs and Tables: Pam and Robin (Oct 8)
Table: volunteer to staff (Suzanne, Kerry); 30 minute shifts
Heads and Tails: set up/take down
Food Prep: soapy water in tubs on tv trays
Survey: available online at laptop

5. Press Release.
Press release is scheduled to go out Monday 7am. List: N&O, Durham HS; Durham News Service?, Independent; neighborhood lists; DDI; News 14; 15-501; Durham Magazine;

6. Brochures.
Pam reported that Kerry has taken out brochure holders to area businesses. Kerry will check on Ninth Street ones. Pam will ask Suzanne to check on the other ones.

7. Email lists/ Newsletters/ Ads.
Decide about placing ads in newsletters. Duke Park = $25 per issue (4 per year);
Decision: Rather than ads, keep supplying articles for each newsletter.

8. Web site and IT.
Tasks it should perform: print addresses (to put into googlemaps for locations)
Next meeting? Monday?

9. Business Plan. (Aubrey)
Robin reported her conversation with Stuart Reid of CDS. He recommended using Bill Gessner’s projections which are based on real numbers. Stuart also recommended the marketing study. Aubrey noted that they should provide sample data and a reference list. He also noted that if we provide them our data, that is something of value and should be seen that way.
Decision: Phone call with Stuart Reid between Aubrey, Michael, Stephen and Robin.
Aubrey recommended that given the riskier environment, we need some incentive; very reduced rent, low interest loans from community sources.

10. Survey.
Survey will provide supporting documentation for the business plan. Board has authorized to keep Survey Monkey to October 31, 2008. We are funding the cost to extract the results (Deborah Wallace, our set up person.)

11. Next Phase.
We were advised not to raise the membership fee unless we are prepared to ask our first members to pay up to that level. Legally, all have to pay at the same rate.
Next phase: PayPal, Preferred Shares, member loans.

12. Cash on Hand and Income Tax escrow.
Debra reported that we will have enough expenses to cover any income generated by shopper shares. Robin reported somewhere between $14-15K in hand.

13. Old Business.
Growing the board. Robin reported that the board has put as its priority increasing its size. Talk today was about including farmers and if possible minorities. Grocery and financial experience are also important.

Task List:
Pam: Ask Suzanne to fill brochure holders; coordinate with Stephen more FM dates; work with Gretchen on music files; speak to Sophia to involve her at some level; Oct 26th help with heads and tails and food prep (HRA); ask Darwin to produce a timeline vine; ask Debra Wallace for another month of survey numbers; ask Debra/Marilyn (again) how they handle memberships (businesses) at WS.

Aubrey: Conversation with Stuart Reid; slides and visuals for Oct 26th ; conversation with Durham Economic Development office (funding sources); conversation with finance committee; get with Beth and (Dave) to develop db.

Robin: Coordinate Stuart Reid conversation; newsletter article for OND and Duke Park; ask Leslie Frost if she wants to be our OND contact; ask Kerry available for potluck; from other co-ops how they handle preferred or business shares; correspond with Bill K and Scott Harmon.

Next Meeting: 8:30 - 10:30am, Saturday, October 4, 2008 Parker & Otis
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