November 15, 2008


Membership Committee Meeting Minutes from 11/15/08
Attending: Suzanne Clark, Pam Campa, Beth Fowler, Carol , Sue, Brand, Michael Bacon

Agenda Items:
1. Website updated
Beth will update the Membership form on the website to delete the T-shirt, will add the question of whether people want the bag, per Robin’s request, and will add question on form about how people found out about DCM (see #4a ).

2. Shopping Bags - new incentive.

Pam and Carol went to AdSpice to check out the bag choices. None that were available were what we wanted. The greenest choice from AdSpice was the hemp bag - $10/each - one color choice for the bag itself.

We discussed alternatives. Our requirements for the bags are (in order of importance) 1) having an insert in the bottom, 2) US non-sweatshop made 3) sufficient size. Carol brought a printout of a cloth bag, in the shape of a regular plastic grocery bag (the advantage of this is that it fits into the plastic bag racks at the checkout) The three choices for material seem to be hemp, recycled polypropolene (recycled soda bottles), canvas. Also thought about bamboo?
We talked about the possibility of having AdSpice source the purchase of the bags and screen the logos for us. Beth knows of a group of women (former textile workers) in the eastern part of the state who have started a community-based women-owned business called Threads of Hope,
They create bags for conferences and such. Beth will get more info and see if they would be a source for bags.
All will do more research on bag types, prices, etc. and come back next time with more information.

We also talked about including a card with the membership gift. Since AdSpice doesn’t do that, we are still looking for a printer for paper material.

Michael reminded us that as we move into the area of selling merchandise (not just membership premiums), we need to think about how this will be kept track of bookkeeping-wise.

3. Upcoming Special Events:

Suzanne created a useful list of upcoming events that we could participate in. Suzanne will email Beth the electronic version of this.

Since there seems to be a lack of things after the new year, Suzanne thought it might be good to concentrate on events that are happening between now and end of the year.

a) Third Friday Durham - art walk in downtown Durham; 6-9pm every 3rd Friday; we discussed the idea of having a table set up somewhere along the route, (near Scrap Exchange, Manbites Dog, or Branch Gallery), and talking to a few of the venue vendors to see if we can have brochures there. Pam will bring this up at the next Board meeting

b) Light up Durham - Dec 5. Discussed sending an email to DCM members suggesting that if they are going to attend, they consider wearing their DCM T-shirts to advertise. Will task Robin with this.

c) Holiday Parade - Dec. 6 2-6:30pm
Suzanne will contact Parks & Rec about deadline and cost for participating in Holiday parade. Pam will bring this up at the next Board Meeting.

d) List of possible new brochure spots - Manbites Dog, Stone Brothers, Yoga places, Scrap Exchange, Piedmont, Branch Gallery, Ninth Street Bakery, Bull McCabes, Pinkhook, Locopops, Put handwritten note re:location on brochure so we know where the brochure/member form came from.

e) Other downtown partners - Measurement Inc., American Tobacco Campus, Bountiful Backyards, Bike Co-op. Pam will bring this up at the next Board meeting. Once approved by the Board, and once contact with the group is made (Suzanne, Beth, others?), we will add links of these groups to the list of Friends of the DCM that is going to go on the website. Beth will cycle back to contacting the names of the groups we already have, and put this on the website, and adding these new names as they are contacted.

f) DDI Annual Meeting Dec. 2 - Michael and Suzanne are both planning to attend; - Pam will bring this up at the Board Meeting - who will pay $50 registration fee, need to register by 11/21 to be included in the printed program. If the board agrees, Pam needs to register on Thursday, 11/20 or Friday 11/21.

g) In April - Earth Day Central Park, which may coincide with Co-op Day, April 21, and the end of Sprouting campaign. Need to be thinking about/planning some kind of event for this.

4) Other Membership/Recruitment topics
a) We talked about the need for some means of determining what convinced people to join and where they heard about DCM (to help with marketing), both with new members and with current members. We discussed the idea of adding a small text box on the member form, but also creating a new, brief survey on Survey Monkey, asking where they heard about the DCM, what motivated them to join. Beth will add the box on the member form; more discussion about the new survey.
b) We discussed the idea of having an incentive for current members who bring in a certain number of new members (10 new members?). Carol suggested a plastic compost pail as the incentive. Pam will bring this up at the Board Meeting
c) We talked about Suzanne’s list of new brochure venus, and about ideas for contacting housing coops (Eleanor, Trinity Lofts) and apartment complexes (West Village) Pam will bring this up at the Board Meeting
d) Michael is working on a plan for contacting churches - going to pastors and church organizations first - still on the drawing board.
e) Central Park membership - Pam will bring up at Board Meeting the idea of DCM buying a Durham Central Park membership.

5) New brochures

We think Robin had a meeting with the person who is going to be doing the update of the brochure, not sure what the status is of this. We need to make sure the updated brochure contains a membership form with T-shirt removed, request for a bag added, and a box for how they found out about DCM. Beth will update the membership form for the site, and send this to Robin to include in the new brochure.

Suzanne will be replacing the current brochures (at the locations with brochure boxes) with new brochures when they’re available. Carol has received new brochure boxes so those need to be distributed.