So Very Fondue You!

A communal activity, eating fondue may be the truest way to share a meal. Gather some friends and enjoy a molten pot as a hallmark appetizer, classy late-night snack, or fun main course. Luckily, this impressive meal is easy to accomplish with all the necessary supplies available at the Co-op! Stop by our Specialty Department to pick up a housemade fondue kit, fondue pot, and don’t forget to grab your favorite dry white wine from our Wine & Beer Department!

If you’re feeling a bit unsure of how to make fondue, here are some instructions straight from our experts in the Deli:


1. Rub cooking pot with garlic
2. Bring 1 1/2 cups dry white wine
to a simmer
3. Slowly stir in fondue mixture to create a smooth and silky texture,
about 10 minutes
4. Enjoy!