Business Plan

October 11, 2008

DCM Membership Meeting
Saturday, October 11, 2008

Present: Aubrey, Carol, Gretchen, Pam, Robin, Suzanne

1. Memberships to date: 200 with 11 in process (211). Goal is 300 by October 31, 2008

2. Farmers Market. (Pam)
We need to be sure someone is covering the table. Suzanne and/or a volunteer to assist next two weeks

3. Founders’ Celebration and Community Potluck. Sunday, October 26th 5-7pm. Trotter Building.
Ideas: Visuals - map of area, funding goals (with sweet potato vine), timeline with vine;

September 20, 2008

DCM Membership Committee Meeting
Saturday, September 20, 2008

Present: Aubrey, Gretchen, Pam, Robin

1. Memberships to date: 123 with 6 in process (128). Goal is 300 by October 31, 2008
Aubrey asked what happens if we don’t reach 300. Robin replied that we don’t yet have our costs for analyses as well as income taxes so we don’t know what we need. The finance committee needs to advise us on this.

2. Farmers Market. (Pam)