grocerydeptPackaged Groceries – We carry everything for your daily needs. On our shelves you will find ethnic and gourmet foods, ready to eat meals, baby food, and a myriad choices for different dietary lifestyles.


FullSizeRender (3)Chilled and Frozen – In our chilled and frozen section we carry a large assortment of organic and/or local dairy products, local and organic eggs, RBGH free dairy products, dairy alternatives, yogurts, Kefirs, European butters, frozen meals, locally grown veggies, meat alternatives such as tofu and tempeh, frozen dairy and non-dairy desserts and meat products.and gourmet foods, ready to eat meals, baby food, and gluten free options



Fairly Traded Coffee and Tea -Our coffees are 100% fair trade, shade grown, and organic, and we have an extensive selection of similarly sources teas. By buying Fair Trade Certified items, you are ensuring the following conditions are met:

  •  A Fair Price — The Fair Trade Certified label guarantees image_previewthat farmers and workers received a fair price for their product.
  • Cooperative Workplaces — By joining together, worker-owned cooperatives can access credit, reduce raw material costs, and establish higher prices for their products. Profits are often reinvested in community clinics, childcare and education. Safe and healthy working conditions are maintained.
  • Environmental Sustainability — Most Fair Trade Certified coffee, tea and chocolate in the US are certified organic and shade grown. This means that the products you buy maintain biodiversity, provide shelter for migratory birds and help reduce global warming.
  • Global Reach — More than 600,000 producers (farmers, farm workers, and tea pickers) and their families in over 23 countries benefit from selling their coffee, tea and cocoa on Fair Trade Certified terms.

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Household Goods – We carry items for your sustainable household including environmentally friendly household cleaners, recycled paper products including toilet paper and paper towels, light bulbs, matches, plastic wrap, bulk cleaners, diapers and baby care.

Pet Products – Our pets should eat as healthfully as we do! At the Co-op we carry high quality, minimal ash content pet food with no animal by-products, an assortment of vegetarian options, and specialty dog and cat treats to suit even the most finicky furry friend.



Great Variety- Our Bulk Department is filled with a wide variety of spices, fresh nut butters, locally milled organic flours, beans, grains, snacks baking supplies, Fair Trade Coffees, and more.

Great Value – Foods sold in bulk are typically less expensive than their packaged counterparts because you do not have to pay for the packaging. By using and reusing your containers, you can also reduce the amount of trash going into our environment.

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This way of shopping can help you eat well on a budget. Need just a pinch of parsley, a handful of quinoa for a special recipe or want to experiment with that gluten-free flour? No need to break the bank: Bulk allows you to buy as much, or as little, as you need. You can try new things and keep perishable purchases fresh by buying in smaller amounts.

How to Buy Bulk – Reduce packaging and buy only the amount you need by buying in bulk. Here’s how:

  • Use one of our bags (free) or deli cups (25¢) or bring your own container to the registers to be weighed.
  • Fill your container with product. (One product per container, please.)
  • Record the PLU number from the product dispenser on your twist tie or on the container itself.

The cashier will deduct the empty container weight when ringing up the product.

Produce & Meat


The Durham Co-op Market Produce Department exists to serve the Durham and surrounding communities by providing the freshest, most exciting selection of local, natural, and organic produce 7 days a week, all year long.  We will also provide outstanding customer service to all store patrons and be excellent teammates with all store employees. We support local, sustainable, and organic agriculture.
11215129_847654731949487_4841855802889965007_nDurham Co-op Market offers a well-curated selection of fresh meat and seafood. Our beef and pork, provided by Durham based First Hand foods, is pasture raised in North Carolina. Our meat is free of added hormones, has never been treated with antibiotics, and is cage-free. Our seafood is from sustainably managed fisheries and fish farms.

Wine & Beer

A good bottle of wine should be a product of responsible agriculture and artisanal skill. It should also be a good value and a wholesome pleasure to drink. It should NOT be the result of corporate marketing teams pushing crassly manufactured wine-flavored booze-juice.

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The Durham Co-op Market carries wines from thoughtful producers who place value and quality above quantity and prestige. Every selection is hand picked (and tasted) before it hits the shelves, so shop with confidence!

Our beer selection is a who’s-who of talented North Carolina craft brewers with a respectful nod towards the beer artisans of more far-flung locales. Like the produce section, this department changes with the seasons, so there is always something new and delicious to discover. We also set up a keg during special events to feature local draft beers!

Deli & KitchenFullSizeRender (18)

For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we are your one stop shop for delicious local food! Whether you want a quick meal on the go, hot soup, salad, or a meal for the family, we’ve got it all. Our deli features made-to-order sandwiches, espresso beverages, hot food, salad bar, fresh meats, cheeses, pastries, breads, and many more ready to eat items. We will be featuring your favorite local producers such as Weaver Street Co-op, Guglhupf Bakery, Mediterranean Deli, Counter Culture Coffee, Two Chicks Farm, Spread Artisan Almond Cheese, and more! And if you’re interested in ordering house-catered meals, contact us at for all catering requests!


WellnessFullSizeRender (15)

Our wellness department includes a variety of health and beauty products for you and your families’ needs.
From soaps, lotions, hair care, skin care, and body care, to men and women’s supplements, probiotics, cold remedies and many, many more!  Our knowledgeable Wellness Coordinator can help you find and discover products to suit your individual needs.




Throughout the store we offer monthly and weekly deals to owners and non-owners alike. Owner Deals and New Items are marked with appropriate signs. We also feature “Co-op Staples”, which are items throughout the store that are permanently on sale! Look for On Sale signs and also, check out our bi-weekly Co-op Deals flyer featuring sale prices for everyone!