Piemonte Farm


Piemonte Cheese sold at the Co-op!

“Our cow’s milk comes from the Gerringer Dairy in Gibsonville, NC. Gerringer Dairy is a multigenerational farm where parents, daughters and grandkids work in partnership.

The milk is beautifully rich and comes from a mix herd of Holsteins and Jerseys cows. It makes great cheese!  Their cows spend their days roaming huge green pastures when they are not in the parlor being milked.

Every Sunday and Tuesday, very early in the morning Fabian the cheesemaker, travels a few miles down to the farm where he receives gallons of rich warm milk from the milking parlor. Right beside the milking parlor is the creamery, the building in which he transforms the sacred liquid into beautiful cheeses. We make very small batches, from 8 to 10 wheels of cheese at a time every week; it is a good starting size of production for us right now.”