Slim on Soup


“I am Cara Demu, a registered dietitian with a masters degree in public health nutrition. My background includes extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic nutrition as well as expertise in functional medicine and nutrition supplementation. I have been fortunate enough to work with some very enlightened and knowledgeable practitioners in places such as Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, Duke Diet & Fitness in Durham, NC and UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC which has helped to shape my nutriton view point of “food as medicine”.

My passion is to speak and educate on the topics of nutrition and health in an effort to bridge the gap between the wisdom of ancient healing practices and the cutting edge scientific knowledge of today. I focus on the importance of whole, clean, local food and the role that this plays in our wellbeing, that of our families and our communities at large.

I created Slim On Soup as a way to make better nutrition easy. My hope is that these soups will become a useful, convenient and customizable staple in your wellness “toolbox”.

To your health!”