Objective:  To provide excellent customer service in our meat department while managing the purchasing activities of the department. To meet financial and operational goals as established with the Produce Manager and Operations Manager. 

Status:  Full time position, paid hourly. 

Reports to:   Produce Manager


Excellence in customer service is our primary goal.  No other task should ever come before serving our customers.

  1. Customer service
    1. Provide direct customer service to shoppers on the sales floor.
    1. Work with the marketing department and vendors to provide merchandising materials which supply product information to customers/staff
    1. Understand and communicate the value of the co-op, and the particulars of ownership to customers and staff.  Work to advance the mission of Durham Co-op Market through outstanding service.
    1. Maintain friendly, professional relationships with current and potential vendors.
  2. Purchasing
    1. Order all Meat department products and maintain adequate stock levels within the Meat department.
    1. Control inventory levels and meet or exceed inventory turn goals as established with the Produce Manager and Operations Manager.
    1. Work with producers/vendors to gain favorable pricing and promotional deals.
    1. Meet with vendor reps to stay aware of new products and trends within the meat industry.
    1. Guarantee the accurate pricing of product in order to maintain margin integrity.
    1. Set product pricing to meet margin goals with Produce Manager and IT Coordinator.
    1. Manage holiday meat preorders
  3. Merchandising
    1. Coordinate and receive all meat deliveries
    1. Communicate plans for sales to ensure timely set up, accurate signage, and coordination with POS price changes.
    1. Periodically review shelf sets; Determine new produce slotting and shelf space allocation with Produce Manager and execute resets as needed. Maintain high level of cleanliness.
    1. Review movement and SPINs data; monitor product trends
    1. Conduct periodic price comparisons with other stores.
  4. Financial duties
    1. Achieve or exceed margin, inventory turns, sales per labor hour and labor as % of sales goals as established with the Produce Manager and Operations Manager.
    1. Achieve sales growth goals as established with the Produce Manager and Operations Manager.
    1. Assist with and participate in monthly physical inventories.
    1. Maintain a shrink log and review shrink items on a monthly basis with the Produce Manager.
  5. Other Responsibilities
    1. Act as a liaison between local vendors and the Marketing department to schedule in-store demos
    1. Become familiar with and able to explain membership simply, efficiently, and completely
    1. Become familiar with the products carried at Durham Co-op Market and where they are located throughout the store. Gathers product information from training, vendors, and experienced staff
    1. Work shifts as assigned, informing the Produce Manager or Operations Manager of any difficulties in working assigned shifts as soon as possible
    1. Arrive at work allowing enough time to clock-in at the assigned time and be on the floor ready to begin work
    1. Attend and participate in mandatory staff and department meetings as scheduled
    1. Use store computers for business use only unless prior approval has been obtained for personal use
    1. Keep supervisor informed of any problems or ideas
    1. Treat customer service as a the top priority
    1. Know and follow store policies and procedures
    1. Help with other tasks as deemed necessary
  6. Any other duties as assigned by the Produce Manager and Operations Manager.


  • Commitment to superior customer service and to providing the highest quality shopping experience possible
  • Motivated, self-starter with a desire to succeed and exceed expectations
  • Knowledgeable about the meat industry, animal cuts, and product storage
  • Experience in the following operational areas:
    • Purchasing
    • Merchandising
    • Goal attainment
  • Desired experience, but not required:
    • Microsoft Office, particularly Excel
    • Understanding of cooperative business model                                                                 

If you are interested in applying for this job, please fill out an application and submit it by email (cam@durham.coop) or mail it to Durham Co-op Market, 1111 W. Chapel Hill St., Durham, NC 27701, Attn: Cam Rivers.

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