How to Vote!

Each owner may vote for our Board of Directors and the Charter Amendment via the Durham Co-op Market Ballot available at the store. You have lots of time to vote at the store! An owner may vote in the store anytime between NOW and Nov. 13th. If you are planning on attending the Annual Meeting, you may vote there! Ballots will be tallied after the deadline on Nov. 13th.

Ballots are available at the register. There is only one vote per ownership share, and the vote must be cast by the primary owner on the account. That means the owner on the account may vote, but not the “additional shopper.” The primary contact for a Business Ownership may vote, but the employees listed under the account may not.

Ballots must be deposited in the Ballot box next to our registers by Nov. 13th. Once again, ballots are available at the register, but we have one attached below if you would like to preview it, or print it out, and turn it in at the store next time you shop!

DCM Ballot 2015