Board Elections 2021

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Owners get to vote for new Board of Directors! By voting, you take part in helping shape what the Co-op cares about and how those goals are accomplished. 

Voting is October 17th – November 10th. Read about our Board Candidates below then click HERE to submit your vote.


Here are this year’s candidates! Read their statements below.

Summer Alston

When I ran for the DCM Board in 2018 I was attracted to and excited by the belief in dignified treatment for all people held by store management and staff. I was heartened by the DCM’s commitment to innovative employment practices that help individuals gain valuable, scalable, job skills. And after three years, I am very proud to have contributed in a small way to an organization with these values anchoring its mission.

Over the past three years the DCM has endured hardships and had significant triumphs. As a co-op, we have weathered significant change in board members, roles, responsibilities, and processes. The DCM celebrated a quiet milestone, reaching our five-year anniversary. It has been a highly unpredictable, yet altogether fulfilling time to be on the board, and serve on the executive committee. I am grateful to be a part of an organization that continues to do great things despite the most adverse of circumstances. I very much hope to be able to continue to serve the DCM as a board member, and to help the co-op turn the corner on these trying times and emerge better positioned to contribute to the Durham community in new and equally meaningful ways.

My two small children are not so small anymore, and my family and I remain on our slow quest to better health and healthier eating habits. Being a co-op member family means a great deal to us. With the support of my family, I very much hope I can contribute to the DCM for another three years.

John Bonvechio

Why do you want to serve on the Durham Co-op Market Board of Directors? 
Co-ops have always interested me; I find them to be a far better alternative to many traditional business models. We build our community by helping our neighbors, keeping dollars in our community, and supporting our local farmers and artisans. To me, co-ops like DCM, are models with a mission that not only aids our community but builds a better world. I hope to continue building the DCM into a pillar of Durham, where Durham-at-large, not only embraces our values as a Co-op but reflects them.

What skills, experience or training do you bring to the Board? 
I am a fundraiser for the University of North Carolina, and I hope that my experiences in advancement may overlap and enhance the DCM. I build personal relationships to the University, and I hope to help build a more personal Co-op experience. My interests in non-profits, education, and socially focused organizations are why I hope to be a useful addition to the DCM Board.

What experience do you have with cooperatives, grocery stores, financing, construction or business operations?
Currently, my job requires me to budget for many events, mailings, and other forms of fundraising activities. Obviously, I deal quite a bit with financing through philanthropy and the running of a foundation. These various experiences will hopefully prove fruitful for the DCM across various projects.

What else would you like the Co-op members to know about you? 
Think global, act local. If we want Durham to be a better place to live, we must always work toward that goal. Serving on this board is one way to help my community. My wife and I want to help make Durham a model community, and we strive to be active in helping our community. We also love to cook and enjoy exploring new flavors and local products.

Kris Mailepors

Why do you want to serve on the Durham Co-op Market Board of Directors? 
I moved to Durham, NC just before the pandemic. Where I’ve lived previously, I have always found a local charity so I can find ways to serve my community. The Co-op is absolutely my favorite place to shop. The staff always has something funny or friendly to say, and I am passionate about sustainability and the role food access can play in that. The Co-op serves an important role in the community and it can be even bigger. A co-op isn’t just about food, it’s about community. It’s about the local vendors/farmers who produce the food and the local people who need access to it. It’s a place where people can be part of a community that understands health, sustainability, and other things they just don’t have at a big grocery store.

What skills, experience or training do you bring to the Board? 
I’ve served on non-profit boards in the past. While ideas about strategy and governance are nice to have, a NP board member must prioritize fundraising in all its forms. I have various models and other methods of support to seek and steward revenue and resources from unique places. Additionally, I have teaching/training experience, to whatever extent board members may be asked to be in the community to educate about the Co-op or sustainability.

What experience do you have with cooperatives, grocery stores, financing, construction or business operations? 
I’ve only been “a member” of other food coops; so I’ve seen how they engage members differently than the Durham Co-op. Aside from that, I have a working knowledge of financial tools, terminology, and instruments from:
-Previous board work with the Boys and Girls Club of Manchester (NH)
-Managing budgets and vendors with Blue Cross NC and Hospital Systems in New England.
-My MBA education from University of Otago

What else would you like the Co-op members to know about you? 
I have the bandwidth in my life to spend the 3-8+hours per month fully present for board needs. I have a certificate in NP Board Governance (available upon request) from 2014. I love shopping at the Coop, and this would be a dream volunteer opportunity to learn more about, and contribute to, my community.


Save the date for this year’s online Annual Meeting, Sunday, November 7th, 2021.

The Annual Meeting is a celebration and informational gathering when owners hear from our Board of Directors, vote for new board members, recap this past year, and look ahead to our future!

This year, the meeting will be hosted online. Access the Zoom link HERE.


If you are not an owner and stumbled across this page, we’d love for you to learn more about our community-owned grocery store, why it’s important, and how you can participate.

Our Fall Owner Drive is happening now which means you get a $25 gift card when you sign up in addition to other benefits and positive impacts for you, the Co-op and the community. Learn more HERE.


The Co-op is governed by the board, and everyone on the board is a community member or staff member and a Co-op owner. Anyone who is an owner can run for the board, and every owner gets to vote for board members each year. The Board of Directors consists of seven (7) consumer-owners and two (2) worker-owners. Board members are committed to representing nearly 6000 Co-op consumer- and worker-owners, and voicing the values and goals of Co-op members.

The main responsibilities of the board involve setting the goals and values of the Co-op (read about our values HERE), as well as hiring, evaluating, and holding the General Manager accountable for the overall success of the Co-op. Our Co-op is built by Durham and dedicated to serving Durham. The Board exists so the Durham Co-op Market can achieve the most for its owners and the Durham community!


You help make a positive impact on your community and at the Co-op!