Maple View Farm


“On November 11, 1996, Maple View Farm milk was first processed and bottled in a new facility on the farm. Mike Strowd and Roger Nutter are now co-owners of this new company, Maple View Farm Milk Company, LLC. Roger is the plant manager.

Maple View cows produce over two million pounds of milk every year. Maple View Farm milk and butter is sold in approximately 50 selected local area stores. Almost all milk produced on the farm is processed and bottled at the plant.”

Whole milk
Pasteurized and homogenized as it comes from the cow with Vitamin D added. A Holstein wholesome product. Nature’s most nearly perfect food.

Low-Fat milk
Lot-fat milk without low-fat taste! Vitamins A and D are added. Less than 1% butterfat.

Skim milk
Skim milk that tastes as good as it is for you! Vitamins A and D are added. Butterfat is only .0025%, but the taste is 100% Holstein wholesome.

Chocolate milk
Rich, creamy, smooth and flavorful. A chocolate lover’s delight!

The taste like grandmother used to make. The best friend cornbread and biscuits ever knew.

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