Pur Bella Naturals


Pur Bella Naturals contains 100% pure not watered down essential oils that penetrate the skin and cell membranes almost immediately, causing the hair and scalp to balance without the harmful side effects of chemicals and toxins found in other products.
Pur Bella has no preservatives, chemicals, artificial colors or fragrances of any kind. We believe beauty is skin deep. Every product we use over 60% penetrates into the bloodstream. We use various oils such as Manuka, Tamanu, Brocoli Seed (a natural simethicone without the chemicals), Jojoba, Sunflower, Neem only to name a few. We encourage you to make the change one product at a time and discover the healing properties and value of allowing nature to enhance your beauty….Pur Bella (Natural Beauty)
Providing for you all natural products for women, men and children of all ethnicities. Our hair transforming products help slow growing, lifeless, dry and hard to manage hair becomes thicker, shinier and most of all balanced.”