A Community Outreach Update

Hello my Co-op Community, I am your Community Outreach Coordinator, Raafe Purnsley, and I am here again to update you on the community goings on at the Durham Co-op Market.

We have been moving along this summer partnering with various organizations and even starting to table in person at live events. Maybe you were there and saw us at Pride in the Park or even at Duke more recently.

The Co-op was there on campus welcome the thousands of new Duke first years end of last month at their freshman invitational. We were invited by Duke Rec, as both Duke Rec and the Co-op have a commitment to promoting quality, healthy, and local foods.

We passed out an assortment of snacks featuring fresh apples and oranges from our Produce Department, as well as our much appreciated DCM lip balm. Students could also sign up for our newsletter and receive a coupon to shop at the Co-op. We were happy to get some interest from younger people and are hoping to gain the support of Duke students as they are a part of community, even for a short time and can help better inform how we can support our younger community members.

We have continued our giving this summer, specifically working with both the Central Eastern Food Bank and Community Empowerment Fund. We love working with our community groups and want to remind our owners that if they are ever looking to give back or volunteer, we would highly suggest working with one of these organizations. In fact, CEF is looking for local advocates to help their many members find empowerment in
community. If you are interested in volunteering please check out Community Empowerment Fund online or click HERE.

Soon we will be hosting an informal meet up with Oak Street Health here on campus. If you are on Medicare or over the age of 65 please come out and meet the amazing team they have at Oak Street Health, and learn about their amazing services. They will have representatives here on Thursday, September 9th from 11am-1pm. We are happy to have them here and will be also be tabling at there Health Fair September 17th. Learn more HERE.

Please come to the Co-op to always find out what amazing quality and healthy food we have inside, but also to see how we continue to be a part of an amazing community.