At the Co-op, we love good food and quality household essentials. We have all the departments you’d find at any other grocery store, along with our own unique offerings. When you shop here, you can expect to find what you are looking for, whether that’s healthy, low-price options for everyday groceries, the highest quality food selections, a little bit of both, or somewhere in the middle. We are open to everyone and hope to see you around soon!


Our grocery department carries all your daily essentials, including canned good, snacks, ready-to-heat meals, baking ingredients, and bulk goods, plus refrigerated and frozen items, vegan products and other dietary alternatives, household goods, and pet supplies.


Our Produce Department features a bountiful selection of local, organic, and seasonal fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, microgreens, plants, and flowers and sources from NC farms and local distributors whenever possible.


We use whole-animal methods for all our housemade sausages, cured meats, prepared cuts, made-from-scratch stocks and other recipes. We also source responsibly produced meat and seafood products from local and sustainable farms and fisheries.


Our prepped foods team makes sandwiches, wraps, salads, deli sides, and ready-to-heat dinners, which you can find alongside a selection of locally made foods in our Grab n’ Go section.

Service Counter

We serve quick and delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, plus hot drinks and cool beverages every day.


Find locally made and artisan crafted fine cheeses, preserves, confections, pastries, desserts, and freshly baked breads in our Specialty Department.

Wine & Beer

We carry a wide variety of natural and low intervention wines, local beers, craft ciders, hard kombucha and seltzers, as well as other specialty beverages like non-alcoholic drinks, gluten-free beers, and hemp infusions.


From soaps, lotions, and beauty products to supplements, probiotics, and medicinal herbs, our Wellness Department offers a selection of remedies and home goods made with natural ingredients.

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