We carry all your daily essentials, including baking supplies, ready to heat meals, snacks, canned goods, and a wide variety of options for dietary preferences. We know everyone is looking for something different, and we work hard to meet your needs with healthy, delicious, quality, and affordable options.

Bulk – Our Bulk Department is filled with a wide variety of spices, freshly-ground nut butters, locally milled organic flours, beans, grains, snacks, and baking supplies, as well as fair trade, organic, local coffees and teas.

Foods sold in bulk are typically less expensive, and larger quantities tend to result in less packaging. 

Meatless – Our Grocery Department has a wide selection of delicious plant-based groceries, including dairy-free milk, butter, yogurts, and cheeses, fresh and frozen meat alternatives, vegan and vegetarian ready-to-make meals, and many more substitutes!

Refrigerated and Frozen – We carry a large assortment of organic and local yogurts, milk, eggs, and other dairy products. You can find frozen meals, packaged veggies, desserts, meat products, gourmet foods, ready-to-eat meals, and gluten-free options. We carry many options for various dietary preferences.

Household Goods – We carry sustainable household items including locally made and environmentally friendly household cleaners, recycled and compostable paper products, kitchen necessities, laundry supplies, and baby care, plus light bulbs, matches, batteries, and more!

Pet Products – We want our pets to be healthy too! At the Co-op we carry nutritious, high-quality pet food, with an assortment of vegetarian options and specialty treats.


We keep it full and fresh around here! From crisp apples to hefty sweet potatoes, our Produce Department puts local growers in the spotlight. Lots of our fruits and vegetables come directly from NC farms and food distributors in Durham. We tend a bountiful selection of natural, organic, and seasonal produce throughout the year, and we love supporting local, sustainable agriculture!


We use a whole-animal approach to all our in-house butchery. We purchase whole animals from local farmers and meat distributors and use as much of the animal as possible for our meat cuts, recipes, and housemade products. We offer wild caught salmon at the counter and an array of other seafoods from local and sustainably managed fisheries.

Wine & Beer

The wine and beer department makes it easy to discover new flavor profiles or enjoy a wide selection of your favorites. Red, white, sparkling, dry. Hop-forward, malty, crushable.

Our drinks span talented North Carolina craft brewers and wine makers as well as artisans from around the States and globe. A great beverage begins with responsible agriculture, and we love working with folks who place quality, taste, and impact above quantity.

Our department has a robust non-alcoholic selection too, so no matter your beverage taste or needs, you can raise a glass.

Kitchen & Deli

Kitchen – We make an assortment of meals in-house, sourcing our ingredients and premade selections from your favorite local producers. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch, or a prepped dinner, we have a variety of options to make your daily dining simpler! You can find pre-packed sandwiches, hummus, spreads, deli sides, salads, and other locally prepared foods in our Grab n’ Go section.

Deli – Visit our live service counter for a plate of delicious, housemade hot food! Pick up a rotisserie chicken and customizable sides for a quick and easy dinner.  Grab a coffee or tea for the morning. Our Deli serves a variety of tasty and ready-made options, whatever you’re in the mood for! 

Check out our selection of baked goods! We are stocked with a variety of breads, pastries, desserts, and more! 


Our Specialty Department is an expertly-curated hub for delicious, noteworthy cheeses, artisanal preserves, cured meats, impressive confections, and troves of locally made goods!


From soaps, lotions, supplements, probiotics, cold and flu remedies, and much more, our Wellness Department is an herbal oasis with a variety of botanical health, body care, beauty products, and home goods for you and your family’s needs. Our products are made with natural ingredients that are good for you and the environment.

You can also find a variety of quality home goods, candles, incense, and other mercantile.


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