Three Sisters Stew

We are excited to bring a special addition to our service counter menu, Three Sister’s Stew, made in-house and now available every day. Corn, beans, and squash make up the bulk of this recipe, followed by green pepper, onion, tomatoes, and garlic, a touch of cumin and red pepper flakes for a little kick. Mostly, … Continued  

Co-op Black History

Black History is made every day, everywhere. We are all connected to the new life, stories, power, and beauty budding into the world all around us through our communities. We love dedicating this month each year to celebrating our community members of color and creating conversation around Black History. This year, we wanted to focus … Continued  

Everyday Rituals

We all have rituals in our life, whether it be brushing our teeth or cooking ourselves meals and those are great things for our physical self, but sometimes we need to address our soul or spirit. Addressing the issues of spirit helps ground us by taking time to look within, these products are here to … Continued  

A Conversation with Josh Collier

With more than a decade of experience working with cheese and specialty products, Josh Collier, the DCM Specialty Coordinator, is the big cheese around here. We spoke about the fragrant life of a cheese-monger and how the DCM Cheese counter is breaking the mold. Raafe P.: Have you always enjoyed eating cheese? Josh C.: Yes, … Continued