Customer Conduct & Staff Treatment

Within our store, we assert the right of all people to be treated with respect and dignity.

Return Policy

We will give you your money back on anything you weren’t satisfied with, without a receipt (unless it’s a Wellness item – for those, we need a receipt). We don’t actually want the product back, unless it is 100% sealed product, ready for sale, not refrigerated. For example: if you get done shopping, get to your car, and realize you bought the wrong kind of cereal, DO bring that box back in and we’ll swap it for a new one! But if you get home, open a product, and realize it has gone bad – you don’t need to save it and bring it back to us. 

If we have proof of purchase questions, we can look up your purchases if you’re an owner. And of course if you have a receipt, it helps to bring it!

Special Orders

Owners and customers can place a special order to purchase products in large quantities or items we do not typically carry.

To place a special order, you can contact a staff member who will provide details and clarify any questions.

All orders must be in case quantities. Special orders receive a discount of 10% off the current retail price. For items that are currently on sale, you will receive the sale price, but not the additional 10% discount. A staff member will provide you with a final price before placing the order. You can pay for your order at the register when you come to pick it up.

Delivery times depend a few different factors. Most products arrive within 1-2 weeks. We will contact you when your order has been delivered. We ask that you pick up your order as soon as possible.