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Co+op Deals

Check out our Co+op Deals Sales Flyer, our in-store grocery and wellness sales publication.  You can check it out on the web or grab one from the rack on the right as you enter the store.  Use these biweekly circulars to make sure you are getting all the best deals you can when you visit the co-op.

Fresh Deals

Fresh Deals, our internal sale program, focuses on fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, meats, and deli items.


Organic Green Kiwi – 4/$5
Organic Sungold Kiwi – 4/$5
Pineapple – $2.49EA
Red Ruby Jewel Pluot  – $3.99LB
Organic Pluots – $2.99LB
Organic Peaches – $2.99LB
Organic Jelly Berry Grapes  – $3.99LB
Organic Cherries – $6.99LB
Cherries – $3.99LB
Peaches – $2.49LB
Organic Ginger – $4.99LB
Local Cantaloupes – $4.99EA

Cheese, Meat & Specialty

Cabot Medium Vermont Cheddar – $7.99LB $1 OFF
McAdam Swiss – $4.99LB $2 OFF
Joyfull Bakery Parmesan Crisps – $8.99EA $1 OFF
Red Clay Classic Pimento Cheese – $7.99EA $1 OFF
Roth Original Havarti – $6.99EA $1 OFF
Vermont Creamery Honey – $4.99EA $1 OFF
Vermont Creamery Blueberry – $4.99EA $1 OFF
Vermont Creamery Herb – $4.99EA $1 OFF
Vermont Creamery Pepper Jelly – $4.99EA $1 OFF
Plainville Black Forest Ham – $8.99LB $1 OFF


FREE for Owners

Owners get to vote, and they get free stuff every month! This month’s free item for owners is:

One FREE Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade

Everyday Low Prices

Everyday Basics are your most-affordable, healthy grocery essentials. Everyday Basics are made without artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors, so you can shop with confidence!

Everyday Organics are certified organic products offered at low prices. We select each item to ensure our high standards for quality, nutrition, and taste.