Everyone who shops at the Co-op can become an owner, and you can sign up at any time! Sign up brochures are available at all front registers. Fill out the info, return the brochure to a cashier at the register, and pay for your Ownership. The Co-op offers two Ownership options:

  • Individual Ownership is a single payment of $100. Additional Shoppers can be added to any Ownership for a non-refundable fee of $40.
  • We offer Food For All Ownership for customers who qualify for SNAP and other benefits. This is a discounted up-front rate of $15. FFA Owners receive all benefits of being an Owner in addition to a 20% discount. learn more about Food For All below.

Being an owner means you own a grocery store, you get to vote, get free stuff, and make a positive impact on your community. Something as simple as your grocery shopping can have a big impact. This is your place. When you own it, you get free stuff. Every month, it’s something new: chocolate, coffee, tote bags, and mugs. Owners elect the Board of Directors. You help shape what the Co-op cares about and how those goals are accomplished. You can vote, and you can run if you want (Learn more about Co-op governance below). Owners share profits! When the Co-op makes a profit, every Owner receives a split in proportion to their store purchases. By being an Owner, you get some actual dollars back!

The Co-op exists for Durham. The Co-op invests in the local economy. Every dollar spent at the Co-op returns revenue back to the community. We grow together! The Co-op supports local businesses by carrying products from local farmers, and artisans. We love fresh food! The Co-op provides jobs! We hire from the community so our business is run by and supports the people of Durham. The Co-op’s success enables us to support efforts and causes in the area. The Co-op donates to local organizations that are working to nurture the community. We care about our neighbors!

We are stronger together! The Co-op wouldn’t be here without you and 7000 other Owners, all from NC! The Co-op needs your perspective, input, and accountability to thrive. The Co-op exists to serve and support Durham, and your participation helps guide the Co-op’s future and influence. You help us live our values! Cooperatives provide a sustainable, economic model for business. Existing for everyone’s benefit means we can be more resourceful and stick around for a long time. You are key to the Co-op’s success!

The Co-op is passionate about making delicious and healthy food accessible to everyone. We offer Food For All Ownership for customers who qualify for SNAP, EBT, and other benefits. FFA Owners receive all rights and benefits of being an Owner in addition to a 20% discount.

FFA Ownership costs $15 upfront and is paid off in full through dividends. To sign up, fill out the information on an owner sign up brochure available at the front registers, verify your SNAP eligibility with a cashier, then pay the $15 fee.

Acceptable forms of ID:

  • Valid State or Government issued photo ID (Driver’s License, Passport, State ID)
  • SNAP(EBT) card with a State or Government ID
  • Benefits letter from Department of Social Services or Social Security Office with photo ID
  • Military ID
  • School Photo ID