The Co-op is a grocery store, open to everyone!

The Durham Co-op Market is a grocery store where anyone can shop. We have all of the departments you’d find in any other grocery store, and anything you see on sale in the store is on sale for everyone, not just Co-op owners!

What makes the Co-op different from any other grocery store is that we are owned by the community, not outside investors. The purpose of the Co-op is to serve the community, not just generate profits. We are owned by the community, and our profits go back to the community. While anyone is welcome to shop here, Owners get to vote in Co-op elections, run for the board, and get free stuff! Anyone who shops at the Co-op can become an owner (Find out how to sign up here).

At the Co-op, we love healthy, delicious food. We focus on carrying local, natural, and organic foods, plus wellness items and other products made with sustainable, fair trade, and ethical practices. When you shop here, you can expect to find what you are looking for, whether that’s healthy, low-price options for everyday groceries, the highest quality food selections, a little bit of both, or somewhere in the middle.

Because the Co-op is owned by community members, all of the decisions we make are centered around our Durham community. This is your store, and your feedback means everything to us.