The Story of the Sweet Potato

It’s that time of the year when sweet potatoes are sprouting from the field in record number and as the saccharine star of our produce section and current monthly owner giveaway, their time in the spotlight is no accident or happenstance. No, in fact, our store is not alone in celebrating this southern staple this … Continued  

A Community Outreach Update – Fall 2021

Hello Durham Co-op greater community, it is your favorite Community Outreach Coordinator here with another Co-op updates. As the seasons changes and bring us inside and closer together we are doing our best at the co-op to work with community. October has come and gone and our monthly giveaway with it, nothing says Halloween like … Continued  

Behind the Bar: A Visit with MoonDance Soaps

Settled in a quaint country home out on the far stretch of Durham right before you reach Wake Forest lies the headquarters of one of the newest products featured in our co-op wellness department, MoonDance. MoonDance, a line of soaps, shave bars, bath bombs, shampoo/bathing bars, and soaks made locally in small batches is women-owned … Continued  

Do you know the Challah Man?

Do you know the Challah Man? Well if you do consider yourself fortunate, because the warmth behind the creation of this deliciously rich cultural tradition is only second to the lovely braided dough that blesses the Sabbath tables for many of Durham’s Jewish community. We took a trip to the Jewish Community Center (JCC) to … Continued  

A Community Outreach Update

Hello my Co-op Community, I am your Community Outreach Coordinator, Raafe Purnsley, and I am here again to update you on the community goings on at the Durham Co-op Market. We have been moving along this summer partnering with various organizations and even starting to table in person at live events. Maybe you were there … Continued  

A Community Outreach Update

Happy Summer DCM, and what a beautiful summer season it shaping up to be. As temperatures are rising, so is the productivity and general hustle and bustle of your everyday local Co-op market. We are currently gearing up for not just summer, but the turn of the seasons as we approach closer to our busiest … Continued  

A Community Outreach Update

Hello  Co-op Community, I am your Community Outreach Coordinator, Raafe, here with another Co-op community outreach update. Since the last update we have added a new organizations to our regular donation giving’s. We are happy to be providing canned foods and baking goods to the Central and Eastern NC Food Bank. The Central and Eastern … Continued  

A Community Outreach Update

Hello Durham Co-op Community, We are happy to finally be entering a beautiful spring and returning to a semi-regular pace at our Co-op. Since the return of many shoppers, we hope due to the increasing access to the much-needed vaccine, we are happy to also be seeing a rise in our plans with community partners. … Continued  

A Lerner School Field Trip to the Co-op!

Last month, the Co-op hosted a field trip from our friends at the Lerner Day School! Working in and with our community is as much a part of the Co-op’s values as selling quality local organic produce.  One way we love to interface with the community is by giving tours of our store – hosting … Continued