Community Outreach Update – July 2023

Community outreach is community outreaching! We’ve been busy the past few months, redistributing food, sparking new local connections, meeting with and learning more about our community partners, and getting involved with happenings around Durham. We donated oranges and bananas to the Bike Durham Member Day in May ride on May 6th. Over 100 folks joined the … Continued  

Raafe Purnsley Shares About Community Outreach at the NCG Marketing Matters Conference 2023

Raafe Purnsley, the Co-op’s Community Outreach Coordinator, speaks at the NCG Marketing Matters conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 18th, 2023. Raafe shares about community partnerships, relationship building, donation operations, and all about our beloved Durham. Watch the video to hear more about the history of the Co-op’s outreach efforts and participation in community life … Continued  

Community Outreach Update

Hello Durham Co-op community, We have made our way through the seasons, and summer is approaching full, fast, and far lovelier than we could imagine. The Co-op has been following a similar trend, with full shelves, fast new team members, and far more prepared now than we thought we’d be surviving these inconsistent times. If we know … Continued  

Bull City Boomerang Bag at the Co-op

Swap out single-use, disposable options with FREE reuseable cloth bags! We have partnered with Bull City Boomerang Bag to bring you more sustainable shopping options, and we couldn’t be more excited! Boomerang Bags is a global initiative to reduce plastic waste by providingreusable cloth bags that are free for the community to use, bring back, … Continued  

La Recette Patisserie

Well, few things could be as sweet or as charming as a petite pastry, gleaming green mirror glazes, or meringue kisses atop pretty pink frosting, but Djamila Bakour of La Recette Patisserie meets the challenge, and then some, every day. Now the self-identified “home baker… at heart” will begin a new chapter as she opens … Continued  

The Story of the Sweet Potato

It’s that time of the year when sweet potatoes are sprouting from the field in record number and as the saccharine star of our produce section and current monthly owner giveaway, their time in the spotlight is no accident or happenstance. No, in fact, our store is not alone in celebrating this southern staple this … Continued  

A Community Outreach Update – Fall 2021

Hello Durham Co-op greater community, it is your favorite Community Outreach Coordinator here with another Co-op updates. As the seasons changes and bring us inside and closer together we are doing our best at the co-op to work with community. October has come and gone and our monthly giveaway with it, nothing says Halloween like … Continued  

Behind the Bar: A Visit with MoonDance Soaps

Settled in a quaint country home out on the far stretches of Durham right before you reach Wake Forest lies the headquarters of one of the newest products featured in our Co-op wellness department, MoonDance Soaps. MoonDance, a line of soaps, shave bars, bath bombs, shampoo/bathing bars, and soaks made locally in small batches, is … Continued  

Do you know the Challah Man?

Do you know the Challah Man? Well if you do consider yourself fortunate, because the warmth behind the creation of this deliciously rich cultural tradition is only second to the lovely braided dough that blesses the Sabbath tables for many of Durham’s Jewish community. We took a trip to the Jewish Community Center (JCC) to … Continued