Everyday Rituals

We all have rituals in our life, whether it be brushing our teeth or cooking ourselves meals and those are great things for our physical self, but sometimes we need to address our soul or spirit. Addressing the issues of spirit helps ground us by taking time to look within, these products are here to help.

Over several months, our Wellness Manager, Tracie, has dedicatedly curated a wellness section of intention-based products, primarily featuring items from Kate’s Magik. These products honor the natural cycles of life, act as catalysts to help propel us forward in our passions, and some items help to inspire love and positive energy. These items focus on the esoteric realm, but you don’t have to believe in it to enjoy them.

Tracie shares, “Kate’s Magick’s Ghostbuster spray is a product I use often. It is used to remove negative thoughts, but it is also a lovely fresh and clean scent that is used simply by spritzing around yourself. The Aphrodisiac body oil from Kate’s, well that’s probably self-explanatory, but it adds a literal spice to your life, but also maybe love too. I’m very excited about the Magic Fairy Full Moon bath bomb and candle, because why not have a delightful full moon bath and light self-love candle and remind yourself you are not only worthy of love, but your love of self is just as important as any other love.”

Tracie curated this section for Everyday Ritual, because our energies are as important as the physical body, and taking the time to commune with yourself spiritually can only manifest physical self-care as well.

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