All Durham, No Bull

At the Durham Co-op Market, each and every decision we make is made based on our values. We sweat the little stuff, look at the big picture, and aim to serve and support Durham through everything we do.

We live out our values through practices and high standards we’re proud of, in all the daily ins and outs of running a grocery store – from product selection, ingredient requirements, and ethical sourcing to meaningful partnerships, deliberate staff care, and honest marketing. We actively reimagine what business can look like, convinced that true success means thriving together with our community of staff, neighbors, customers, visitors, and friends, tenaciously swapping drab, capitalistic patterns with creative, cooperative gumption.

We aspire each day to cultivate a no-nonsense, truly impactful food system that benefits everyone in Durham and beyond. Simply good food and positive change for the community.

All Durham, no bull.

Produced by Ian Strickland
David Cecelski
Eddie Clement Swan
Raafe Purnsley
Lenore Ramm Hill

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