Co-op Weather Advisory

We always want our neighbors and community to be safe during inclement weather, so do not travel from home if conditions are not ideal.

If you are in need of supplies, please remember the Co-op will be open for your winter weather needs.

We will post amended hours or closings on our website and social media to keep everyone informed.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11TH UPDATE: We are open! 7am – 9pm

If you’re stuck at home, here’s a poem for your enjoyment:


With the threat of inclement weather,

Please, be safe and always remember

You may come and shop your local Co-op!

We are opened and our shelves are well stocked!

We have beer, eggs, water, milk and bread

All those things to keep you warm and fed.

So even if the snow won’t stop,

and there are supplies you need, but sadly forgot…

Remember to Everyone is Welcome at the Co-op!