The Co-op is seeking  Grocery Clerk for 30-35 hours/week. The position requires mid shift and closing shift availability. The earliest shift will start at 11:00 AM and end at 7:30 PM and the later shift will start at 1:00 PM and end at 9:30 pm.

Grocery Clerk 

Purpose:  To provide excellent customer service to all Durham Co-op Market shoppers.  To keep grocery shelves and displays full and attractive. To keep the Grocery Department clean and safe. To be an excellent team-mate.

Status:Full time or Part time, hourly position.

Reports to:  Grocery Manager


Excellence in customer service is our primary goal.  No other task should ever come before serving our customers.

  1. Customer Service
    1. Become familiar with grocery/dairy/bulk products and maintain the ability to discuss these products with customers.
    2. Offer consistent, fair, and respectful customer interactions to ensure repeat customer traffic.
    3. Offer efficient, informative, and friendly service according to established customer service vision and standards.
    4. Understand and communicate the value of the co-op, and the particulars of ownership to customers. Work to advance the mission of Durham Co-op Market through outstanding service.
    5. Provide product information and educational materials to customers when appropriate.
    6. Respond promptly to customer needs or requests for service/assistance and satisfy these commitments.
  1. Product Handling
    1. Set up displays and stock shelves, coolers, bins, tables, freezers, containers, etc, with store merchandise.
    2. Build displays, rearrange product, hang signage and price tags as assigned by the Grocery Manager
    3. Stay current with delivery schedules and ensure the receiving area is prepared for incoming deliveries.
    4. Organize and maintain an acceptable level of back stock and keep product rotated based on expiration dates.
    5. Alert Grocery Manager of defective product and help identify items to be re-ordered.
  • Department Operations & Safety
    1. Help maintain high level of cleanliness and order throughout department.
    2. Follow established procedures on safety and cleanliness as set out by the department manager. Take responsibility for produce work spaces. Keep them clean and safe for yourself, your co-workers, and for customers.
    3. Follow daily priorities and sub-department performance goals to ensure productive work flow. Provide feedback and suggestions on daily priorities to the department manager.
    4. Participate in department wide cleanings and inventories, when scheduled.
  1. Professionalism & Teamwork
    1. Consistently at work and on time for scheduled shifts.
    2. Manage time productively, demonstrate a commitment to accuracy and an ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment.
    3. Balance team and individual responsibilities and contribute to building a positive working environment.
    4. Participate in ongoing staff development and education. Improve knowledge and skills within department, and learn new skills in other departments.
    5. Communicate clearly and intentionally within the department and between departments.
    6. Treat all co-workers with respect.
    7. Assist in other departments as needed.
    8. Attend department and store-wide meetings.
    9. Perform other tasks as requested by the Grocery Manager, Manager on Duty, or General Manager

Desired Qualifications

  • Commitment to superior customer service and to providing the highest quality shopping experience possible
  • Experience in a retail environment. Grocery Department and natural foods experience preferred but not required.
  • Ability to work well with others in a cooperative environment where teamwork and constant communication are essential.
  • Demonstrated ability to lift up to 50# on a regular basis, and frequently stand, walk, climb, balance, kneel, and reach with hands and arms throughout the work day.
  • Demonstrated ability to follow through on assigned tasks.
  • Attention to detail, and ability to stay task focused in a dynamic work environment.