Join the Takeout Revolution

Have you heard the news? Durham is leading the way in dining sustainability with Don’t Waste Durham’s returnable take-out container service, GreenToGo! DCM is proud to be a founding market in the East Coast’s first city-wide reusable takeout container service. GreenToGo has officially arrived, and we’re very excited to be in the first phase of participating restaurants!

GreenToGo makes it easy to be green! Join the takeout revolution by becoming a member. Members check out a box using a simple mobile app, enjoy their food on the go, and then return the box at any participating restaurant. The returned boxes are washed and sanitized in a commercial wash facility and then returned to the restaurants by foot or bike! It’s full circle, zero-waste take-out, and it doesn’t get any greener than this!

GreenToGo members can now activate your accounts and check out your first GreenToGo box for takeout or leftovers. And if you’re not a GreenToGo Member yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and learn more by visiting Our food has never looked so sustainable!