Local Food Access Resources

The holiday season, with its focus on food – particularly abundance of food – provides an important reminder that food access is a privilege. Many of us enjoy a positive, creative, and easy relationship with food. Simultaneously, many continue to live without reliable access to good, nutritious, and affordable food, including those among our Durham community.

Helping shape a thriving food system is fundamental to our vision here, and as a cooperative market, we recognize any progress towards this end is achieved together through tandem efforts and shared commitment. Our community would be nowhere without dedicated groups taking up the work of strengthening local food resources, and we wanted to acknowledge a few organizations we’ve had the honor of working with recently and throughout Co-op history.

Many of these organizations rely on regular donations and volunteer support to maintain their operations. Feel free to check out their pages to learn more and to stay updated on current needs.

Durham Community Fridges is a free fridge mutual aid project supporting equal access to fresh food, located at 1902 W Main St.

Grow to Life is a Black-led food and nutrition justice organization in Chapel Hill.

Weaver Street Market supports local food access nonprofits and community projects through grants each year. These are funded by donations collected from designated products in their Hope For the Holidays collection.

Feed Durham NC is a Black Indigenous Queer + Trans-led mutual aid effort that provides prepared foods for folks in need through cookouts and grocery giveaways. Founded at the beginning on the pandemic, Feed Durham NC has served over 100,000 neighbors in the past few years.

Rural Advancement Foundation International cultivates markets, policies, and communities that support thriving, socially just and environmentally sound family farms. In partnership with Rafi, the Co-op has been able to offer greater discounts for our Food For All Owners over the past few years. Learn more about current discounts and our Food For All program HERE.

Farmer Foodshare is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Durham that envisions a healthier world in which all people have access to nutritious food by reshaping the disconnected food system and removing barriers to growing and accessing local food.