Special orders allow our owners and customers to purchase items that we do not carry, as well as to purchase products in large quantities (a case or more).

To place a special order, talk with a staff member and fill out the appropriate special order form. The 10% special order discount applies to all orders placed in advance of delivery.

Our staff can clarify and answer any questions.


How do I know how much it will cost?

All special orders receive a discount of 10% off the current retail price. A staff member will determine the price of any item we do not regularly stock and deduct the discount from that price. If we cannot immediately tell you the price, we are happy to do our homework and call or email you with a final price before placing the order.

Do I have to prepay?

Generally we are happy to place special orders without pre-payment. We may, however, ask for full or partial pre-payment on items that are particularly hard to get or on large quantities.

How much do I have to order?

All orders must be in case quantities.

When will I receive my order?

Delivery times will depend on the product and the method of distribution. Many products arrive in less than a week; other may take a few weeks.

The item is on sale. Do I get the sale price?

For items that are currently on sale, you will receive the sale price, but not the additional 10% discount.

How will I know when my order is in?

We will call you when your order is ready for pickup. We ask that you please pick up your special order as soon as possible.


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