Service Spotlight: Sending Holiday Cards to Prisoners with the LGBTQ Center of Durham

This holiday season we were proud to partner with the LGBTQ Center of Durham to send letters to prisoners during the holidays. The LGBTQ Center held 3 card-writing nights in our store during the month of December, and thanks to your help, our co-op community was able to send two hundred cards that provided warm greetings to many. These card signings, though a simple act, have a large impact in providing hope and a connection to a community that is often separated by society and circumstance, despite already living behind bars. 

One story we want to uplift is the story of Kanautica Brown, a young African American trans woman, who was only recently transferred to a woman’s facility after spending nearly two years behind bars in a men’s detention facility. The ACLU of NC, after months of litigation this April, was able to have her transferred to a facility that is affirming of her gender. Unfortunately, she is currently not receiving much of the necessary care she needs. When people write messages in these holiday cards, they are writing to people like Ms.  Brown, whose voices are seldom heard.

Many out LGBTQ inmates may not have family or friends to support them while they are incarcerated, something that can be especially hard at this time of year. Kind words and sweet images, even from strangers, can help create a sense of community from afar, even in the worst of circumstances. Thank you to everyone who participated for your kindness! Please check out resources like our local LGBTQ Center or the ACLU website for more information on how to support our incarcerated community. You can learn more about Kanautica Bown’s story here.