Sustainable Suds

DCM is proud to be one of Fillaree’s most recent refill stations! Get clean without the toxins or waste — Fillaree makes small batch soaps and cleaners that are vegan, organic, synthetic-free, and designed to be refilled over and over again. Fillaree sources ingredients with one thing in mind: environmental responsibility. When you use Fillaree, you’re not just being earth-friendly because of the product, you’re supporting the local economy and a business that calls Durham home! Stop by our Bulk Department to pick up your Fillaree bottle today or head to the Fillaree website to learn more!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase a bottle at the Durham Co-op Market
  2. Enjoy using locally-made, vegan, organic, synthetic-free soaps and cleaners
  3. When the bottle’s empty, come back and refill at the Fillaree Station in our Wellness Department
  4. Repeat!