Celebrity Dairy

The farm where “Goats are celebrities too!” Now sold at the Durham Co-Op Market!

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We’re regularly asked – “do we still eat our own cheese?” Simply – Yes! In subtle ways – its always different, and still interesting after all these years.

All our cheese starts out the same way – Pasteurized milk is treated with yogurt cultures left to develope into curds and whey then drained. Some of the drained milk solids becomes a spread we call “Serendipity.” Some are rolled into mats and drained further to become fresh “Montrachet style” logs. Some are placed in molds to be drained and treated with penacillin mold to be aged into “Silk Hope”, “Crottin”, or “Morbier style” cheeses. Occasionally we dehydrate cheese in the oven to become (as our English friend Brian calls) dessicated cheese.

All come from the same cultures and non-animal source rennet. Check out Celebrity Dairy Inn here..