Goat Lady Dairy


“It all starts with the milk… fresh from well cared for animals at Goat Lady Dairy and our partner farms. We keep our goats healthy and the taste of our cheese delicious by carefully selecting the forage, fiber, grain and grazing that our animals enjoy. Goat milk is delicate so we handle it with care at each step of its journey to the finished product. After more than 15 years of making goat cheese we have learned the techniques which preserve the goodness of our fresh milk and create the flavor and texture unique to our cheese.

Goat cheese can be used like any other cheese. It is delicious just as a slicing cheese to enjoy with fruit and wine, or as an ingredient in many recipes. It is great on pasta or pizza, used in egg dishes and salads, or enjoyed with your favorite bread or crackers. Goat cheese is a healthy alternative to cow milk cheese because it is so easily digested and lower in fat and cholesterol.”

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