Locals Seafood

“Three key factors distinguish Locals Seafood: traceability, turnaround time, and in-house operations. We value the people and places behind the items we sell. We drive to the coast 3-4 times each week to hand select the best catch from fishermen and fish houses on the coast. Whether it’s blue crab from Denny Reynolds in Columbia, red drum from O’Neal’s Sea Harvest, or shrimp from Luke Midgett in Stumpy Point, personal relationships with sources result in a better product for our customers.

Our business model depends on a variety of sales outlets, both retail and wholesale. As a result, we are able to move our product from the coast to the customer quickly, typically 1-2 days after the product is caught or harvested. We buy whole fish and have a full time cutting staff who process seafood in our FDA approved HACCP facility in Raleigh.”

Why buying Local Seafood is important

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