Nello’s Sauce

Nellino’s Sauce Co is based in Raleigh, NC! Here are 12 reasons to love our sauces:

1. Nellino’s Sauce is made from the absolute finest vine-ripened tomatoes. Just like you would if you had the time, we blend and cook down the tomatoes to achieve perfect consistency and flavor. Take a look at most other sauces, the first ingredient listed will be “Tomato Paste,” “Tomato Puree,” or even “Water!” Because of our commitment to the best tomatoes, the result is a sauce with incomparable flavor. It’s no surprise the well-known cookbook author Fred Thompson says of Nellino’s, “Your sauce is perfect in its flavor!”

2. Nellino’s Sauce has a lot less salt that the competition! Take a look at most other sauces, even premium brands. It’s typical to see per 1/2 cup serving sodium levels skying as high as 300 or 400 milligrams, even more! Nellino’s Premium Marinara (16oz and 24oz size), Nellino’s Hot & Spicy Pasta Sauce (24oz size), and the innovative Nellino’s Piedmont Pomodoro Sauce with lavender and thyme (24oz size) all  have only 250 milligrams.

3. Nellino’s Sauce is Certified Vegan (meat and dairy free). Only simple ingredients born from the ground up are found in our products

4. Nellino’s Sauce is a cholesterol-free food, so those who need to watch their diet can feel good about eating it.

5. Absolutely no high fructose corn syrup is used in Nellino’s Sauce, nor is there any MSG or those suspicious “Natural Flavors.”

6. Nellino’s Sauce is Certified Gluten Free. You’d think this would be the case for all tomato sauces, but you’d be surprised. Celiacs rejoice!

7. Many sauces, sadly, add sugar to mask bad ingredients (as is also typical with the addition of salt). Not Nellino’s. No added sugar.

8. Only 100% cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is used in Nellino’s Sauce. No soy-based or corn-based oils whatsoever. EVOO is superior because it has the lowest acidity of all the olive oils and, simply put, has a better taste.

9. Tomatoes are very high in lycopene, a carotene, which has been shown to have many benefits for your body. Lycopene is made more readily for your body when combined with the fats in olive oil and also when cooked.

10. Nellino’s is a good source of both Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Because we use whole tomatoes, not processed ones, our sauces retain many of their vital nutrients. They are also rich in Potassium, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Vitamin K, and Niacin.

11. Nellino’s Marinara comes not only in a larger 24oz jar, but also in a 16oz jar, which is rare for tomato sauces. Sometimes you just need less for a meal, so you can save your pennies but still get the best.

12. Nellino’s Sauce, in the words of Amanda Hernandez, Registered Dietitian, is both “the best pasta sauce ever made” and “the freshest pasta sauce” she has ever had. Dietitians know the difference.