Prodigal Farm


Prodigal Farm goat cheese sold at the Co-op!

‘”I don’t like goat cheese—but I love this!” We hear this time and again. As best we can figure, this must be due to the way we raise our goats, which is truly unique. Our goats are pasture-raised, not confined to barns. They are moved to fresh pasture every few days. We built portable sheds on skids, which we pull with the tractor, following the girls wherever they go. Then, as our herd grew, we started using school buses as portable shelters—truly a “turn-key solution!” Goats love to “browse” on vines, pine branches, the tasty things you find at the edge of the woods. So we let them go there. It makes us smile looking at their glee each time we move them.

We make our cheese the same way, through careful observation and taste—isn’t it all about taste in the end? We make our fresh, ripened and aged chevres by hand, right here, using only the milk of our own herd. That milk is entirely free of antibiotics and added hormones. We use a microbial rennet, so our cheeses are vegetarian-friendly. We produce a variety of cheeses, many in the French “bloomy rind” surface-ripened style. Surface ripened cheeses are always paper wrapped so that they can breathe and develop, and should not be wrapped in plastic.”