From Nick Williams, Wine & Beer Guru

Vermouth used to be a ubiquitous dust-gatherer, relegated to the back of the liquor cabinet until a visit from a Negroni-chugging uncle or Martini-soused granny necessitated their unearthing. There was one brand – Martini & Rossi – and it tasted like old wine and cough drops.

In recent years, however, we have experienced a Vermouth renaissance, due to the diligence of flavor-houndy wine nerds and the continued refinement of the American palate. We now know what the Europeans have known for literal centuries; Vermouth – floral, herbaceous, caramelized, silky, complex, bittersweet, citrusy, heady, seductive, mysterious, etc. – is awesome.

More and more of these sexy aromatized treats are making their way onto our shelves, and it’s about time I gave them a showcase. Please join us onSaturday 2/18 from 5-7 pm for a proper apertif. I’ll be sampling:

Martinez Lacuesta Vermut Blanco, Spain – A lightly sweet white vermouth steeped with anise and cinnamon, perfect for a pre-dinner sip.  $21.99

Primitivo Quiles Vermut Rojo, Spain – This is essential for any home mixologist, and will revolutionize your Negronis with it’s mildly briny sweetness and flavors of espresso and lemon. 1L/$24.99

St. Raphael Vermouth Rouge, France – The bottle resembles malt liquor, but this was a true revelation. Velvety smooth and bursting with flavors of licorice, chocolae, and orange. 21.99


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