Welcome! Durham Co-op Market is a new cooperative grocery store opening on West Chapel Hill Street near downtown (Read more about our location).  Durham Co-op Market is community owned, similar to other local co-ops including Weaver Street Market in Carrboro and Deep Roots Market in Greensboro.  If you're not an owner, now is a great time to become one! The store will be opening in early 2015. 

The co-op will be open to all shoppers, and offer natural, organic, and local food and other products. It will reinvest profits back into the community, practice sustainability, and foster a positive, respectful workplace. We are built by Durham and dedicated to serving Durham. Contact us at info@durham.coop or find us on Facebook. 

We look forward to seeing you at the market!

Give the Gift of Co-op!

You love Durham, local food, and, of course, your loved ones. We read your mind and have created a way to celebrate all of the above--gifts to Durham Co-op Market! 

Here are two options with the holiday season in mind--gift membership packages and gift certificates. With the gift memberships, we're offering two options:

  • $100: One co-op membership for the recipient of your choosing and one cozy, Carolina-made Durham Co-op Market T-shirt.
  • $150: One co-op membership with an additional shopper and two DCM T-shirts.

Below, you'll find links to purchase the gift packages and gift certificates via Paypal. Thanks so much for supporting DCM. Hope your holiday season is co-operative! 

Gift Ownership Packages

Gift Certificates


Holiday Gifts

Coop Shirt 3.jpg

Durham Co-op Market has you covered this holiday season, because the only thing better than buying local is giving local! We're putting together a festive gift package that will include an ownership share, store credit and this beaut of a t-shirt made from Carolina cotton. Stay tuned for more details and email info@durham.coop if you have any questions.

Exciting New Volunteer Opportunities


Once we open the store, it will be professionally staffed, led by our General Manager, Leila Wolfrum. Still, there are lots of ways for our community to participate to build the store and to connect with our members. The following is a message from our Volunteer Coordinator, Sue Andresen, about the best ways to get involved: 

Hello Durham Co-op Market potential volunteers!
These are exciting days for DCM, with the building going up and the general manager, Leila Wolfrum, on board!
In talking with Leila, some new volunteer opportunities came up.  If you are willing to assist with any of these, please let us know.
We are currently looking for help with:

  1. Assembling, testing, and costing out RECIPES using grocery items in our Healthy Basics food program.  This is a program that will make healthy staples available at great everyday prices.  If you are interested in submitting recipes, learning how to cost them out, etc.  contact Leila.
  2. WRITING short pieces on appropriate topics, e.g. products, practices, etc. for the store's website.  These can be purely fact-based or more creative and personal.  Contact Leila if you are interested in knowing more.
  3. We need someone with a love for wood-working who has tools and space to work on our cafe table-tops. It is nothing too fancy, but will require some care. Contact Leila if you can assist with this.
  4. The table at the Durham Farmers Market has had amazing success recruiting new owners for DCM, and will continue for another 8 sessions.  Please consider taking a shift at the market with experienced, enthusiastic fellow volunteers. Contact me if you are interested in helping with this.

Thanks in advance,

Construction Progress!

July 2014

Construction is coming along! The building is taking shape; the roof is on; and things are looking great! 
Take a ride by the site to see the progress. Things are going to start changing fast.
Based on our current construction estimates, we are looking at opening sometime in January. The dream is fast becoming a reality!
As we make refine the plans for the inside of the market, please feel free to contact us with ideas, questions, and feedback. This is your market! (If you are not an owner yet, now is a great time to join. Click here to sign up.)

Owner Drive


Help us get the word out about the benefits of supporting your community market! With opening just a few months away, now is the time to call your friends, knock on your neighbors' doors, and sign up some new owners for the co-op. The more owners we have, the stronger our market will be, and that is good for everyone--We are Stronger Together! 
To help this effort along, we have started an Owner Drive! We want 2000 owners before the Grand Opening! The DCM owners who sign up the most new owners between now and the grand opening will win FABULOUS PRIZES! So get out there and talk us up, just make sure they put your name on the "Referred By" line. 
(If you are not an owner yet, click here to join!)

Update from the General Manager: New Name, New Logo, Estimated Opening Date

Leila Wolfrum, General Manager

Thank you all for the warm welcome I have received so far. I am excited to be here, and I already have much to report.
As many of you know, this co-op market was originally named with a location in the Durham Central Park district in mind. As we move into our actual location, on West Chapel Hill Street, conveniently located near to downtown, both Duke campuses, and many residential neighborhoods, we have changed the name of the market to avoid confusion, and to emphasize our cooperative structure. From now on, Durham Central Market will be known as Durham Co-op Market.
With the help of Durham-based graphic designer Darwin Campa, we updated our logo. This clean, straightforward design highlights our connection to the National Cooperative Grocers Association, of which we recently became a proud member. This organization links us with about 150 other food co-ops nationwide, including Weaver Street Market, Company Shops Market in Burlington, and Deep Roots Market in Greensboro. Once the store opens, you will see the green "co+" on everything from our coffee cups to our grocery bags to our bi-monthly sales flyer.
I was thrilled to see a great turn out at our Pompieri Pizza event on June 3rd. I was delighted to get to meet owners and supporters of the co-op, and to see them enjoying themselves together. We plan to host several similar events in the coming months. So keep you eye on Facebook and on this page for details. One question people kept asking: when will the store open? While I cannot offer a firm date, as construction is a complicated business, I will do my best to keep you all up to speed on our progress. Right now, it is looking like the store will open sometime just after the new year.
Many have also asked about potential employment opportunities at the store. I will be consumed with the work of planning and building the physical space for the next few months. I plan to start hiring a couple months before we open, possibly as soon as November. In the meantime, please send potential candidates my way. I count on our whole community to connect me with talented, hard-working people who want to put some energy into getting this exciting institution off the ground. We will have something like 20-30 positions to fill with a wide range of required levels of skill and experience.
Looking forward to adventures ahead,
Leila Wolfrum
General Manager