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Co+op Deals

Check out our Co+op Deals Sales Flyer, our in-store grocery and wellness sales publication.  You can check it out on the web or grab one from the rack on the right as you enter the store.  Use these biweekly circulars to make sure you are getting all the best deals you can when you visit the co-op.

Fresh Deals

Our Durham Co-op Market internal sale program, Fresh Deals focuses on departments that are not addressed on Co+op Deals, particularly fresh foods like fruits, vegetables and meats.

Local Sweet Potatoes – 79¢/lb.
Navel Oranges – $1.49/lb.
Organic Granny Smith Apples – $1.99/lb.
Green Beans – $1.99/lb.
Organic Yellow, Red, Russet Potatoes – 99¢/lb.
Organic Local Covington Sweet Potatoes – $1.29/lb.
Organic 3lb. Bagged Yellow Onions – $2.99/lb.
Organic Bagged Cranberries – 2/$5
Fresh Avocados – 5/$5
Brussels Sprouts – $2.49/lb.
Pomegranates – 2/$4
Local Apples – $1.69/lb.
Organic Collards – 2/$4
Cotton Candy Grapes – $2.99/lb.
Organic Bosc, D’anjou, & Bartlett Pears – $1.99/lb.
Organic Butternut Squash – $0.99/lb.
Organic Red & Green Seedless Grapes – $2.99/lb.
Meats & Cheeses
McAdam Swiss – $4.99/lb., $2 OFF
Duck Deli Milk Yellow Cheddar – $4.99/lb., $1 OFF
Belgiogioso Shredded Parmesan – $8.99/lb., $1 OFF
Creminelli Barolo, Casalingo, Finocchio – $10.99/lb., $2 OFF
Vermont Creamery Creme Fraiche – $5.49, 50¢ OFF
Alexian Cognac Mousse & Pate de Champagne – $5.99ea, $1 OFF
Plainville Honey Turkey & Virginia Ham – $8.99/lb., $1 OFF
Sweet Grass Dairy Thomasville Tomme – $3 OFF
Sequactchie Cove Coppinger – $4 OFF

FREE for Owners

Every month we set a special deal for our co-op owners. These deals will be added at checkout to anyone who gives the cashier their co-op owner number

November 2019

One FREE pack of reuseable produce & bulk bags 

Everyday Low Prices

Everyday Basics are your most-affordable, healthy grocery essentials. Everyday Basics are made without artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors, so you can shop with confidence!

Everyday Organics are certified organic products offered at low prices. We select each item to ensure our high standards for quality, nutrition, and taste.