Durham Bowls at the Durham Co-op

Here at the Co-op we love healthy, delicious, fresh food and believe it should be accessible to everyone. In an effort to continually strive towards these values, we’re partnering with Durham Bowls, a community initiative to address some of the systematic challenges around school food.


Durham Bowls has worked within the Durham public school system and vibrant restaurant scene to engage positively with school food. Durham Bowls connects the talent, experience, and insight of school nutritionists and local chefs to implement new meal options at schools. After much brainstorming, recipe testing, student feedback, trial runs, and community events, Durham Bowls has successfully incorporated their imaginative recipes into school menus.


Moving forward, all Durham Bowls recipes will make debut appearances on menus at 54 public schools until the meals are ready for permanent implementation. Durham Bowls hopes to keep addressing issues of equity and environmentalism around food, finding solutions for affordability and local sourcing.


We’ve teamed up with Durham Bowls to serve their original recipes here at the Co-op. The Chicken Veggie Bowl, is available now! Inspired by a Durham Bowls original recipe, the dish is made with your choice of chicken or Delight Soy vegan chicken, spring greens, carrot hummus, and raw vegetable medley on the side.
Our $5 Lunch Specials are served every weekday at the Deli from 11-2pm.


We have plans to keep bringing together nutritious, affordable, and appetizing ingredients for our lunch options. We’ll continue serving new Durham Bowls recipes, so stay tuned for upcoming menus.


Learn more about Durham Bowls HERE.


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